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Facts About Our Bodies

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The human body is an amazing contraption. How about that word? Anyway, here are a few facts about the human body that you may or may not have known!

Each and Every Day:
  • We speak approximately 7,000 words (some more than others of course)
  • We eliminate approximately 1 pound of waste
  • Our brain uses over 6.5 million brain cells
  • Our heart beats over 100,000 times
  • Through our vascular system, our blood travels about 170 million miles
  • We breath about 25,000 times
  • We eat 2-3 pounds of food
  • We move about 750 muscles whether we know it or not

But, did you know?
  • White blood cells are replaced every 15 days
  • Red blood cells are replaced every 120 days (cmmmmmm)
  • We have all brand new blood every 6 months or so
  • Every 7 years we essentially have a brand new body

I just thought that everyone would like to know a few facts about our bodies.
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