My wife and I purchased an Omega 8006 a few months ago and use it on a daily basis. One morning, while making my wheat grass shot I heard a loud crack and the juice stopped flowing. Apparently the screen part that goes over the screw broke. I was very disappointed that this happened but then I read the warranty, called Omega and the very next day I received 2 replacement screens. Now, first I will tell you that I live in Florida and they ship from Florida, hence the fast delivery. I received 2 screens simply because I asked for them. I also learned something else, there are options with their warranty.

1) You can send them the damaged part and they will send you a new one for free.
2) You can take a picture of a damaged part, email it to them, pay a $9 shipping fee and they will send you the part.

Although I am disappointed that this part broke after a few months, I am extremely happy with the results of my customer service experience.